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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Corey never surrenders for 17 games

In case you missed it, Duke pretty boy Corey Maggette has been on quite a run for Golden State. Dude scored at least 25 points a game for 17 straight. . . while shooting 60% from the floor. Wow! In the new millenium, only three other dudes have gone on such a run: Shaq, Amare, Dwight Howard. In last night's loss to the Nugs, the streak ended despite 33 points, along with 9 boards and 6 assists. Corey shot 10-18.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Why is Micky crying?

One obvious reason Orlando is struggling the absurdly small role
Dwight Howard plays in Orlando's offense. Somehow the Magic center is getting just 9.1 shots a game. Sometime Pacer center Roy Hibbert averages 9.2. Howard gets to the line 10 times a game compared to Hibbert's 2. But Howard has averaged 10 ft a game for several seasons, and is taking 3 less shots than he did last season. Stupid.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Wolves fans: Weigh In

Johnny vs Randy

Ellington vs McCants

Break it down for us.

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Saturday, January 09, 2010

This one goes out to the rookies

Donte Cunningham, pictured swatting the Kobster, and fellow 2nd round rookie Jeff Pendegraph are playing inspired basketball for the injury riddled Blazers. To them, I dedicated this jam

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Gilbert, Guns and Media Who Love Them

In our gun crazed nation, the national reaction to Gilbert Arenas' unquestionably stupid (and illegal) decision to store his guns in locker room reminds me a bit of when Martha Stewart got thrown in the clink for insider trading. Both Gil and Martha are guilty as charged. . . but neither are drivers of the disfunction.

I have already gone on at length about my frustration with the glee that the media pins the violent thug label on black athletes. But I must bring up again my distaste for the leeway the media takes with a story when it possible fits into the Black Crime narrative. Whatever Gil did, he and Crittedon DID NOT draw on one another in the Wizards locker room. That fake story has been reported and re-reported as fact well after if was clearly a New York Post pipe dream. It is still up as a link on ESPN. Disgusting.

Gun violence in the African American community is a serious and horrible problem. Having high profile athletes like Arenas blithely violating guns rules and laws deserves a significant action from the Wiz and the NBA.

Compare the amount of headline time the Arenas story gets to the micky-fricking Tea-baggers gun rallies, however, and media's emphasis on bad black ballplayers is revealed at the very least as a disproportionate reaction. A significant part of white conservative America has been stock piling weapons and ammo at a frightening pace, fueled by right wing scare tactics claiming that the boogie man Obama coming to get their guns. Much of the rhetoric of the gun totting right clearly borders on threats to the President. Where is the calls for censure of these maniacs? Unlike Arenas, they do not even claim to be joking.

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Moonball Commissioner Reinstates Gilbert Arenas

AP Portland -- In a move that clearly hurls egg on the face of rival commissioner David Stern (of the NBA), Moonball Commissioner Michael Anderson has reinstated Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas. Arenas, suspended indefinitely from the NBA, will be allowed to accumulate Fantasy Points for his Moonball squad Celtic Green for the duration of his suspension.

"It is simply wrong that the commissioner of one League can somehow influence the outcome of another League," said the hulkingly handsome Anderson. "The last time Sterny started handing out season long suspensions, it forced us Moonies to create a whole new set of rules and exceptions. That ain't happening this time."

Asked how Arenas will score Fantasy Points during his suspension, Anderson replied that he will use Arenas' average point score for the last week he logged for the NBA (40.0 mbpts). Under this plan, Celtic Green will receive 40 mbpts for every game the Wizards play which Arenas is suspended.

"We can only assume that Gilbert would have been friggin awesome for Celtic Green over the coming months, and I'll be damned if DStern ruins that party," said the defiant Anderson.

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