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Sunday, May 13, 2012

'It may not be. Look at us'

It is good to renew the most storied rivalry in NBA playoffs, especially with the Celtics stealing a win on a night when no one but KG had the touch. Though no other two franchises have met more in the post season than the Celtics and Sixers, they had not battled outside of the regular season since 2002.
Garnett's play has been astonishing. He, Ray and Paul can all see the end of the road is near. They are playing for their basketball lives. As the last healthy one standing of the Big Three, KG has stepped up to shoulder the load. He runs the court so hard each and every play my eyes are tearing as I type. He has been increasingly focused and aggressive on offense beginning in the late regular season, when the Celtics schedule turned brutal, and every win mattered. The bell rang. KG answered. So can it last? This is year 5 since KG and Ray came to town. By all rights, the ride should already be over. But it is not. Rajon Rondo addressed the Celtics age and injuries at the end of this interview. I love Rajon Rondo.


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