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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A League of Our Own

Hello Fellows!

Let's not let the greedy owners spoil our fun any longer: Pending the unlikely end of the NBA lockout, on the weekend of December 17, A League of Our Own will host a draft for a Fantasy season the likes of which has never been seen!

Here is how the League works:
  • Each team has ten players, 5 of which are designated as starters.
  • Team plays in a head-to-head format once weekly (on Friday)
  • The season lasts long enough that each team plays one another, followed by a 8 team single elimination playoff
  • Daily substitutions
  • Following in the grand tradition of the NBA Card Game, games will be decided by argument and majority vote
  • Teams will have from Monday to Friday to post an argument on why it would win against the slated opponent.
  • League members vote on the winner of games Saturday and Sunday.
  • No team can vote for the outcome of the game in which it is participating.
  • The draft follows the usual snake format
  • There are no injuries, surprise benchings or other bull crap because this is make believe
Who is in?

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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Thanks Lockout Professionals!

What is your local tv station showing instead of NBA basketball?

Here in Chicago we are getting 15 classics from the Jordan era...big feature tonight - Michael scores a then-franchise record 58 points against the Nets in 1987.

Everyone is invited to the house for the December 20 7PM show:

- May 31, 1993: Eastern Conference Finals, Game 4 - New York Knicks at Chicago Bulls

I'm pretty sure we were at Mike and Jon's that afternoon...