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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My attempt to get Moonball Twitter off the ground went nowhere, but there are some things you all are missing out on over there. Take this guy Andy Gray, who I think works for SI and goes by the handle @si_vault, the online archive of every issue of Sports Illustrated. Every day he posts 3-4 photos from the SI Vault and they are great. Here's one he posted today. Timeless indeed.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Missing John Salmons

Milwaukee has the league's second-best record since the All-Star break at 12-2. The Bulls are sinking like an anchor. Ugh.


Saturday, March 06, 2010

Knicks Slick or Sick?

I was listening to the fellows at FreeDarko's Disciples of Clyde podcast last week. They are the embodiment of Pete's "How Nerdy Do We Sound" hypothesis of NBA heads vs. Star Trek convention attendees. But it's disarming, and I listen to them every once in a while, for their take on things, their guests, and their occassional in-depth Knicks analysis.

I don't usually have much use for Knicks talk, especially of the variety of "Minnesota should take our crappy parts and give us Rubio because we're from New York, and we deserve it, and he can make a lot of ad money here." So I don't often seek it out from other sources. But the latest post-draft podcast was disarming in its fear, regret and honesty...sprinkled with a little hope.

No offense, E-Dave, but I've been secretly relishing the years of New York choking on its bloated contracts for some time now. And during this recent trade-deadline purge I was kind of sad to see it come to an end. I'd gotten used to the comforting feeling that as bad off as we are, New York was bad...and for YEARS. The fact that they got out from under that weight made me worry that we might be left behind as other teams raid the free-agent stores, and continue in our midwest mediocrity without peer.

But Ken and Dan, heartbroken fans, showed me the holes in this view...and how they may have just gotten out from all those salaries, but it cost them several years of draft picks to do it (recent and future), plus a laundry list of regrets about how they've missed people in the draft (Balkman over Rondo), and having a crummy GM at least recent memory. It reminded me of our dear Wolves. (I meant to post this link as a means to not talk about the Wolves and to talk Knicks for once, but here I am talking about them again.) Anyway, the Knicks are still wriggling on a skewer to some degree, and it will be interesting to see what they actually get (and how much they overpay all over again). It may be time to start forgiving them a little, and I think I'm doing that. Of course, that will all change if they get LeBron.

Your thoughts? Here's the p-cast:
FreeDarko Presents Disciples of Clyde: Post-Draft Analysis