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Monday, August 31, 2009

(a sorta) League Preview: New Jersey Nets

I am going to attempt to wind my way through the League’s 30 teams in time for the season. For fun, I will start with the worst team in the East’s easiest division.

New Jersey Nets

Depth chart:

PG Devin Harris Rafer Alston

SG Chris Douglas-Roberts Courtney Lee Terrence Williams

SF Jarvis Hayes Bobby Simmons

PF Yi Jianlian Sean Williams

C Brook Lopez Tony Battie Josh Boone

The for-now New Jersey Nets went from mediocre to straight junior varsity when traded Vince Carter to Orlando. Including Ryan Andersen in the trade was extra dumb. All this holding out for Free Agency 2010 crap does not make for competitive teams.

For no fault of his own, Devin Harris should have a huge year driving coast to coast. Young pivot Brook Lopez also stands to shine amid the stink. I love Courtney Lee, but is he better than the scorer Douglas-Roberts or the rookie Williams? Split minutes is a likely scenario which will help very little in the win-loss column. Hayes and Simmons are a likeable duo of second tier NBA swingmen that will draw the sorry assignments of LeBron, Paul Pierce, Danny Granger, and the like. Heck, Wilson Chandler will likely dog these fellows.

If Sean Williams and Josh Boone could ever contribute consistently it would help immeasurably. Even then, New Jersey would still be horrible. Trading Alston soon would be wise for team morale. NJ is most certainly a top contestant for League’s worst record.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Asia Minor

Last week the family had a fantastic trip in Turkey.

This "gentleman" was one of the few signs of the NBA. When I asked to take a picture of him and his shirt, he turned to his friend and laughed. Our guide, Ovuc, translated.

Sixer in Turkish referrs to a big dick and this is pretty funny if you spend your day selling corn on a ferry across the Dardanelles to Canakkale, where Brad Pitt kindly donated his horse from Troy.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Joined at the throat

Not that McHale shouldn't suffer some, but being replaced by Rambis has poetic poignancy that really must sting the deposed head Wolfie. Especially if Kurt can turn things around in Minny. I think Rambis is going to do well on the sideline.

Of course, you hafta have enough Wolves if you really want to lead the pack. Rambis will face the same basic problem McHale faced the past several years: Sub par talent and vast inexperience. Coach a team like that in the NBA, and you might get yourself clothlined by the All-Star Break.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

Saturday morning, thinking about the pool.

Too much work time spent yesterday discussing how close to impossible it is to jump out of a pool...

Once on Utoob, why not flip the channels a bit.

Fuck Kobe.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, once again The Onion!