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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

2/3rd's Review: Clown Car

With just under a third of the season to go, it is time to reflect on who’s gonna Kick Buttock down the home stretch, who’s bettin the bottom dollar that Tomorrow they’ll be the Suns and who’s riding a Clown Car on a detour to nowhere.

I broke teams in the three aforementioned categories, and then ordered the teams within each category. But lesser teams could be in a better category then a better team, or visa versa. For example, Minny, the Clippers, and Sacto are clearly in the Clown Car, despite their playoff hopes and veteran talents. Sure, all three teams are arguably better than some of the Tomorrow teams, but the weight of expectation and lack of franchise cohesion make them worse to this guy. Git it?

Clown Car

Hard to imagine putting the defending Champs in the clown car, but here they sit, comfortably in the driver’s seat. The Heat were built for last year like nobody’s business, and it all worked out. Now it is time to pay the piper. Sure, miracle of miracles, they could have staged an historic playoff run and defended their title, but who really thought that would happen? Shaq still has much pizzazz, but the product is down. With his huge contract and the lack of talent not named DWade, the Heat are in for tough times for the remainder of the Riley era.

For Minny, the season was over when McHale fired Dwayne Casey. Why McHale was not the one being shown papers is beyond me. By ruining this season, McHale essentially screwed KG yet again. I mean, Blount had a great couple months there and Ricky Davis has been his solid but erratic self, but that has been the extent of the help Kev got for KG . . . so if you are going to give him so little, at least give him consistency. Gawd. Foye’s emergence is nice, but I fear too little, too late.

The Clips were in trouble long before Livingston went down. Dunleavy has reported lost control of the pirate ship by the holidays, and carping from Maggette has been all over the papers. But most importantly, the Clippers have been able to stop no one down the stretch, which leads to loses and losing breeds discontent. Just desserts for a team owned by a bigot.

Sacto = Sucto. Trading in their high octane offense for a grinding game that benefits only one of their featured players, the Kings are clearly in Clownsville. Brad Miller has fallen off dramatically since Webber’s departure last season. Surrounded by a posse of under sized power forwards, Miller is not the banger the new Kings need. Bibby is another bad fit. Martin has been super. Wow! Who knew. But a larger question must be asked since the player the Kings' style favors is Artest: Are you really building round him?

New Jersey was killed by injuries. True that even with Jefferson and Krstic healthy, the Nets record was pretty damn mediocre. But without Jefferson and Krstic, the paper thin Nets are exposed as also-rans on a clown express train to Brooklyn. Kidd’s contract is huge and too long, and VC seems headed to Orlando via free agency. A shame the season went up in flames ‘cause even though they play for a ultimately sucky team, Vince Carter and Jason Kidd have played their asses off. I guess they could make a late season charge to the playoffs. But in the Least, what would that prove?

Still reverberating from the Iverson trade, Philly is clownin it up with a talented nucleus of Iguodala, Korver and Miller, but the rest of the crew is highly suspect. Certainly Philly could have handled the disintegration of the Iverson-Webber Sixers much, much better. But the root of that problem was the shallow talent base on the team. Dalembert is proving very disappointing. More changes needed.

Atlanta fills the clown car with a plethora of talented wing men and not much else. Sure, the Hawks have had their injuries too, but I do not see the plan for these guys. I know Joe Johnson is a really good player, but with all the praise going his way, you think his team could win a few more games. Same with Josh Smith for that matter. Marvin Williams is finally showing signs, and Dukie Sheldon seems like a solid back-up type. Hawk guard play is ultra weak, with no long term help in sight.

Charlotte is a weird one. On paper, they look so talented, yet the loses pile up like they have like every year in franchise history. Okafur puts up huge numbers, as does to a lesser extent Felton. Matt Carroll has been a great surprise. Maybe if May and Knight and Wallace had been healthy this whole year, the Bobcats would have been decent. Bet that’ll change next year. Clown car.

Memphis' record sucks, but the franchise avoided total disarray when they held on to Gasol. If and when the Griz get rid of Gasol, they had better get value, cause the Spaniard was arguably the best player in the World last summer, and he is just entering his prime. Mike Miller has had a nice season offensively, and Rudy Gay could be a very good player in the next season or two. But with an unhappy Gasol, and neither a real starting power forward or point guard, the Griz are riding the clown car.

Tossed from the clown car for unseemly suckitude, Boston lays bruised and beaten in the gutter, mubbling something about pride. There is some really talented young players in Boston, including some that are already some what proven. But losing friggin 18 in a row? Paul Pierce is awesome, everybody else is suspect. Bummer.

2/3rd's Review: There’s Always Tomorrow

With just under a third of the season to go, it is time to reflect on who’s gonna Kick Buttock down the home stretch, who’s bettin the bottom dollar that Tomorrow they’ll be the Suns and who’s riding a Clown Car on a detour to nowhere.

There’s Always Tomorrow

The Lakers have been on the cusp of elite status all year, but injuries and inexperience put them squarely in the lead of the Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow cru. Kobe has matured his game and the results are fantastic for L.A. Like all things Kobe, the media has beaten the Bryant re-invents himself story to death, so I need say no more. What a find Luke Walton has been. Great guy for L.A. Clearly Bynum is going to be good and maybe very good for the Lakers. When Odom is healthy, he is better than all but 10-12 forwards in the game. L.A. has the pieces to be a major factor next year.

The Cavs are playing some fuggly basketball this year. Sure Cleveland is saddled with unfair expectations because of the brilliance of LeBron, but there is no excuse for playing such crappy offense. Much as some criticism has gone LeBron’s way, the fact that Larry Hughes and Eric Snow can’t put the ball in the ocean does not help. Still, Cleveland has a formidable front line with Big Z, Gooden and Varejao, and Mike Brown has them all playing defense. With the annual post-season half court slow down, LeBron and Cavs may have some tricks up their sleeve, but King James needs a point guard to squire his squad, and that means Tomorrow.

I was never quite sold on Washington, so I want to get that on the table. I think they are soft. Arenas is a phenom. His run in the first half of the season was up their with most any guard who has ever played the game. Caron Butler had been an absolute force until he hurt his back, and Jamison was playing very well as the third fiddle. But injuries and in-team fighting have stretched the Wizards thin. With their core all in their prime, the Wizards still have much to be excited about. If a player like Blatche could pan out, the Wiz will ease on the road. But not this year.

New Orleans is a team for Tomorrow. A successful playoff run after the injuries in the first two thirds of the season would be an unbelievable story. But regardless if they make it to the post season, the Hornets are clearly a team on the rise. They have a nice little thing going with the Paul-Chandler-West core. Coach Byron Scott has gotten big contributions from 10-11 guys on his roster over the course of this injury-riddled season, which to me indicates that he has deep buy-in from his team.

Not much to say for Denver, except that they better be a team for Tomorrow, because they suck for today. They have outstanding star power, but their record since the trade is horrible. Until the trade, Denver was playing with a cohesion that is gone. Miller, while no Iverson, is a hell of an offensive point guard. He runs a team. Iverson leads a team. The adjustment has been painful. In a stacked West, even if they do get to the playoffs, their dismissal will be swift. Not quite ridin the clown car, but treading dangerously on the tread wheel of just good enough to be disappointing.

Indiana still has an aura of being dangerous, despite a near half decade of falling short of their ‘potential.’ Jermaine O’Neal is in his prime and regularly takes names in the paint. I love that he leads the League in blocks.The Dunleavy-Murphy trade seems to have helped their offense by creating some more room for Granger and Daniels to contribute. Tinsley is the secret key for Indy. When he is on his game, the Pacers can roll most anybody. Too bad consistency is not Tinsley’s game. With a few tweaks, this veteran team still has a two-three window to make a run in the East.

After bursting out of the gates, Orlando had some folks thinking that perhaps that wacky youngster Dwight Howard was on to something with his audacious pre-season prediction. Cruel reality set in these past few months, but the play of Howard has the League on notice that Orlando’s time is soon. As for the rest of the squad, there is some promise of improvement, but changes will have to be made. Darko looks pretty good, and teams well with Dwight. Jameer Nelson’s game is proving somewhat suspect, however. Being a starting NBA point guard is a very hard job, and Jameer is still learning. Hidayet Turkoglu is quietly having his best year, but Old Man Hill and his rickety bag of bones are providing very little of the consistency this young team needs. Tomorrow

Milwaukee has had mad injuries, but I like what they are doing. Michael Redd is obviously the key, but trio of Bogut, Mo Williams, and the injured/disappointing Charlie Villanueva are pretty damn good in their own right. Role players like Rube-a-Dube and Charlie Bell have performed very well, as did mini-might Earl Boykins before Williams came back from injury. Speaking of Williams, who would have predicted that he would outplay both TJ Ford and Villanueva? A typical Tomorrow team, the Bucks will have a much better season next year.

I am telling yall bout Portland. The kids can play and Nate’s showin the way. Defying many prognosticators, Jarret Jack is turning into a very effective NBA point guard. Rookie Brandon Roy has hit three 3’s that either tied the game or put the Blazers ahead with under 2 seconds on the clock. The Zach Attack is back. Randolph is an exceptional scorer from the forward position, scoring on a combination of putbacks, drives, jumpers, post moves and getting to the line. Ime Udoka has been a great find; the Portland native is a tough defender with a knack for timely offense. With several other talented young prospects, including bigs Aldridge and Outlaw, the Blazers are poised for a return to the Playoffs Tomorrow.

New York is somehow showing signs for Tomorrow, though the injury to Crawford is bad news. Marbury had accepted a role that allows Crawford and Curry to lead the offense, and the youngsters are producing in what is turning out to be a surprisingly good year in Knickville. Now Marbury must step up. David Lee looks great. With the likes of Frye and Robinson, New York has talent in the hopper. New York may even make the Playoffs. But with the crazy contracts the Knicks are carrying, the question remains how much better can this core get?

Despite that GState has been a perpetual clown car passenger, Nellie adds an element of hope for the Warriors they haven’t had since Nellie’s last tour of duty: a plan. Nellie is crafting a team around his open style, and with the oft injured duo Davis and Richardson, mixed with Ellis, Harrington, Jackson and Biedrins, and Nellie’s got plenty of juice. True, 2006-07 looks to go down as yet another journey to the Lottery for the Warriors, but sun is burning through the Bay fog and before long Golden State will shine.

Seattle could come round with their current crew if Collison, Ridnour and Wilcox all take a step forward over the upcoming off-season. Ray Allen remains one of the game’s best, and Rashard Lewis has become a top forward when he is healthy. But both are perimeter players and both play mostly with finesse. Seattle has drafted centers in the first round of the last three drafts. Since centers take awhile to develop, not much has been expected thus far. But next year, the trio of Petro, Sene and Swift must produce. The team I would least likely bet my bottom dollar on, the Sonics need to make a serious jump (playoffs in the West) next year, or they will be blown up.

2/3rd's Review: Kickin the buttock

With just under a third of the season to go, it is time to reflect on who’s gonna Kick Buttock down the home stretch, who’s bettin the bottom dollar that Tomorrow they’ll be the Suns and who’s riding a Clown Car on a detour to nowhere.

Kickin the buttock

Dallas is the class of the League. Dirk the Would Be Leader and his band of bad-asses are playing with that rare determination and focus that has marked many a Champion. That will happen when you give the Finals away. DWade may take exception to Nowitski speaking his truth, but lord knows I saw it: Dallas was dominating the Heat at every position except off guard, until Miami simply out gutted the Mavs.
Avery has his guys focused so when it comes gut check time, Dallas will stand and deliver. Perhaps the League’s deepest times, Dallas has everybody bought into his role, contributing when called. Dallas is in perfect position to win in all.

Only Amare could change that. Steve Nash makes Phoenix go, but Amare holds the key to the promise land. Games like last night’s 43 point, 16 rebound, 6 assist, 3 block performance suggest STAT could put on a post season extravaganza like he did prior to his surgery. If Amare goes wild, the already potent Phoenix attack will be too much to handle. Guys like Marion, Barbosa and Bell become increasingly deadly as defenses become consumed with controlling Amare. Even a disappointing Diaw remains a force when unattended. Cannot wait to see the showdown with Big D come conference finals time.

Though Yao’s return adds new elements to the mix in Houston, the Rockets are my first pick to spoil the Dallas-Phoenix showdown. Though not as flashy (or as quite as good) as the Mavs and Suns, the Rockets are team oriented powerhouse worth much note. Before his injury, Yao was the League’s best big. With the team playing well, he can ease his way back into form come April. McGrady has been stupendous. Were it not for the ever-present spectre of his back, his name would be mentioned regularly in the Kobe-LeBron-Wade discussion. The best fella that has never one a playoff series (not named Grant) has very solid supporting cast, featuring the resurgent Juwon Howard, Shane Wrinklehead, MixMaster Rafer, Illini Head Luther and the ageless one Mutumbo. Very dangerous team.

Hard to drop a Duncan lead Spurs team from contention consideration, but this just does not seem like San Antonio’s year. Pop’s squad went just 3-5 on their annual January-February rodeo road trip. In Ring Years past, Spurs kill on that trip. It would be wrong to say that San Antonio isn’t playing well. Check these points allowed over their past six wins: 82 Nets, 81 Pistons, 80 Nugs, 96 Hawks, 71 Sonics. 91 Raptors. And how bout Manu scoring 24 straight points? They are still in the race. And like all the Western big dogs, they would chow whatever the east has to offer.

How good is Deron Williams? Even without a real two guard, Utah remains in the mix a top the West, and Williams is the main reason. The Boozer, Okur, Kirilenko front line might be the best in the League with Williams at the helm. Boozer controls the middle, Okur is a big-time shot maker, and despite his offensive nightmares, Kirilenko remains a stellar defender. Throw in Harpring, Derek Fisher and Paul Milsap, and you have real nice group. Utah looks to finish strong a top the Northwest. Probably will have to wait for another year for a shot at the Finals, though.

Detroit is the flag ship of the Eastern Conference. Webber has added life to the former Champs and they now look a lock to have home court through the Finals. That is where their journey will end. Though it would be wrong to completely discount the potential of Sheed, Billups, Prince, Hamilton and CWebb winning it all, I would be shocked. Unlike when the fat Laker squad the defeated 2004, the Western entrant will be lean and hungry. I just think Webber is too slow to guard the middle. Maybe McDyees can step up and bolster the front line, but I think the inability to guard the rim will doom the proud Motor City rockers.

I love to watch Chicago play. The most cohesive unit in the East, one to eight. Luol Deng is emerging into the player many predicted when he ranked #2 behind LeBron in prep rankings. The backcourt of Gordon and Hinrich is nasty. They are both extremely smart players. Ben Wallace may not be at his physical prime, but he has found his groove in Skiles’ defense and teams nicely with PJ Brown on the defensive end. With Duhon playing well, the rookie Thomas contributing and Nocioni returning, the Bulls will prove a tough out until the face a foe from the West.

Toronto is up and coming big time. Bosh has made Tomorrow today, and his teammates have been able to hang right there with him. Were Wade healthy, I would have left T-Dot in the Tomorrow bracket. But the East is wide open, with Webber in the middle in Detroit, Chicago still without a consistent way to score points in the paint, and Cleveland teetering between good and awful. TJ Ford and Jose Calderon is an unbelievable point guard tandem for the Raptors system. Parker and Garbajosa have been great on both ends of the floor, and Bargnani has been putting up points for the last two months.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Secret Lives of the NBA

Now that Ironwood revealed my true identity to be Brad Miller, you shouldn't be surprised that all this great inside knowledge has brought success to the Red Black and Blue. Notice that I don't have any Kings on my roster? Precisely.

So here's a picture of me that didn't make it on the Christmas card. This is right after I dunked on Dikembe Mutombo. You can see Michelle there, she jumped up right afterward to start talking shit to him.

On the one hand I was really proud of her-- she's learned a whole lot more about the players and the NBA game. Notice how she's wagging her finger at Deke and ragging on him. Would she have done that even a year ago?

But I told her not to do it again. First, I didn't block his shot. And second, I'm just a little nervous about her getting too involved in my basketball career after being on a team with Mr. and Mrs. Christie.

But it's not just me. You may be interested to know that there are a couple other NBA personalities that lead secret lives, right under our noses.

For instance, before he became Agent Zero, Gilbert Arenas co-starred as Agent Ed Green on Law and Order. Ice-T must've told him it was a nice way to make a second career. But then Arenas caught on in Washington and the rest is history.

And our own Ricky Davis...well, he sings and raps alongside Big Boi as part of the sensational Grammy winning duo Outkast. I'm sorry Ms. Jackson, but it's true. That's why they're always playing Hey-ya at the Target Center, in addition to T-Hud's killa Shut-em down song.

And I asked my friend George Takei if it was okay to say this. I'm kind of outing him here...though I can't believe no one has noticed it before. Of course I'm talking about Matt Harpring, who spent 5 seasons starring as David Fisher on the hit HBO show Six Feet Under. I don't know how he found time to do it, what with Utah's injuries and all.

I just want you all to know, that even though he played a gay funeral director on TV, I still respect Harpring as a player. Whatever happens in his personal life, including the fictional sexual relationships of his TV persona is his own business. And we should respect that. For real.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Amaechi, Star Trek Love and Understaning Hate

The weird media stew that was the John Amaechi coming out party had so many angles, most covered to death. Like Ironwood, my main feeling is that I am proud of John. In our F-ed up society he became a celebrity lighting rod of both adulation and hatred. Then Mr. Hardaway stepped into the spotlight, spewed some venom and the girations got wilder still.

Without digging any deeper, here are parts of the Hardaway story that resonated best with me:

(1) George Takei on Hardaway, which is funny.

(2) Scoop Jackson having a more extended interview with Hardaway, which is more complex

The Team of Misfit Toys

You all remember that Nuggets team that upset the Sonics in the early 90's right? The image of Deke lying on his back in the lane, holding the ball in his outstretched arms and smiling the biggest smile of his career is in the mind of every NBA fan.

But looking back at that Nuggets team, it is clear that their surprising playoff run was the apex of the many "promising talents" on Denver squad that year. With the exception of Mutumbo and a fellow then known as Brian Williams, the main guys, Ellis, Abdul-Rauf, Reggie Williams and Robert Pack, never were main guys again. Rodney Rodgers had some very good years, but none as good as his then 'potential' suggested. These guys were a motley band of journey men misfits.

Check out the roster of that Nuggets team (1993-94)

That was an upcoming team of youngsters that completey imploded due to injuries and chemistry problems over the next few seasons. The Nugs drafted Jalen Rose that summer. I had been pretty excited to see that Denver team grow. Looking at the roster in retrospect, these misfits were never going to be that good. Fun to read some of those names, though. Especially going into March Madness.

Trick Shots

A must see for Sheed fans:

Friday, February 23, 2007

Goodbye DJ

Whoa boy, this is a sad passing. . . hard to believe. Just 52. Dennis Johnson.

I sure loved DJ. So clutch. So clutch. He was as smart and tough a basketball player as the game has seen. An extraordinary defender. A Champion.

For those who do not recall, DJ could post up on most anybody. He had this big ole rump, and he would lean into guys and just murder em. Bang, turn around jumper off the glass from 15 ft like it was a lay-up. Bang, drive to the hole for a swinging hook. Bang, draw contact and get to the line.

From Elias stats: Dennis Johnson, widely regarded as one of the great clutch players in NBA history, averaged 14.1 points per game in the regular season during his 14-year NBA career but in 37 games in the NBA Finals he averaged 18.3 points per game. Among the 65 players in NBA history who played at least 800 games in the regular season and 15 games in the Finals, only two had a larger increase in their Finals PPG average over their regular-season mark than Johnson's 4.2: Hakeem Olajuwon, who was plus 5.7 (21.8 to 27.5) and James Worthy, who was plus 4.6 (17.6 to 22.2).
Bill Simmons breaks down all specifics of DJ's greatness, so I will not repeat the obvious but to say that DJ belongs in the Hall of Fame.

DJ bringing the ball up the court. As a Celtics fan, this is an image of comfort. With DJ at the controls, the ball went where it was supposed to. DJ made the most amazing passes to get Larry the ball in his spot on the wing, where Bird would then initiate many of the Celtics half court sets. Obviously teams put a great deal of effort trying to deny entries to Bird. But DJ would laugh at that nonsense and deliver the pill. Once Larry got the ball, the good times just rolled. DJ and Bird had a really special connection. I was great to watch. And there were so many big wins.

I feel very lucky to gotten to cheer for DJ. May he rest in peace.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Random thoughts

In TrueHoop style:

  • What do folks make of the TrueHoop move to the dark side? On the one hand, I like his stuff so much and he puts so much time into it, I'm glad he's going to get paid. On the other hand, ESPN has become such a monolith it hurts when they suck up the great independent sites. I'm also worried about putting an editor between Henry and his published text. What if he wants to be critical of ESPN's pretty awful NBA coverage? Will it fly? And even though I pay for the good ESPN content, I hate to see even more stuff disappear behind that veil. Let's hope TrueHoop doesn't meet that fate.
  • The Celtics fans in our little community have yet to answer for the disgraceful behavior of their fans, cheering M-V-P for Kobe in Boston. WTF? Seriously, I dislike the Celtics but used to at least respect Boston fans. How could this happen?
  • My CWebb prophecy is looking pretty good, so much so that I needed the Spurs to smack me out of my revelry. Has anyone seen one of the last 6-8 Pistons games with CWebb dealing from the high post? It's beautiful, seductive basketball. And he hasn't been a complete disaster on D, either. Still, it can't last can it? By the way, is McHale going to ship us Mike James for Nazr?
  • John Amaechi has done himself proud. He is courageous and eloquent and I think his actions will move us incrementally forward in making this a more peaceful and accepting world. I read the ESPN Mag excerpt (I get it with the Insider account) and Andrei Kirilenko is an unsung hero in the story, reaching out to Amaechi while he was still in the closet. Jerry Sloan comes off as a true bigot and something of a buffoon besides.
  • Why not let Dwight Howard dunk on a 12 foot rim? Man, that's some dumbass shit.
That's it for now. Despite the length of this post, I'm having trouble typing because I broke my right thumb in a hockey game. I now have a pin inserted and what looks like the head of a push pin sticking up out of the top of my thumb. Ick.

To the Moonies, I'm doubtful for the supplemental draft today, but will try to make it if I can. Rock on without me, hope you are all well.

Monday, February 12, 2007

50 Denied

As most all of us on this board, I love Gil. His game has been spectacular, and his personality is hilarious. And frankly, I was looking forward to his promise to drop 50 on the Blazers. The Olympic Snub Revenge Tour has been one of the season's treats.
I was so geeked, I tuned in for the 10:00 am pacific time game on me radio!

Gil did not get 50. 41 short.

Part of the story is that even Gilbert the Great can't be Babe Ruth'n 50 point games in succession. The 54 vs Phoenix was stuff of legends, and legends are hard to recreate.

But the other part of the story is the emerging Blazers. Nate McMillian has these cats playin ball.

The much maligned Zach Randolph is having an outstanding season. He has a body like a bull, and the deft moves of a deer. . . and that sweet touch. He is showing he can lead a team. . . and all the sudden he has a team to lead.

Brandon Roy and Jarret Jack are also proving themselves as a backcourt to be reckoned with. Roy deservedly gets a lot of attention, but Jack is quietly establishing himself as on the League's most promising point men. I had my doubts about Jack coming outtta. G-Tech, but he clearly beat out Telfair and Blake in last season's try out, and now he is following Paul, Williams, and Felton as the new pg's on the block. Believe it.

Blazer rookies LaMarcus Aldridge and Sergio Rodriguez look great, and with the combo of Outlaw, Webster, Dixon and MacGloire the Blaze Crew has an awful mean bench. But my favorite guy is Ime. Hustle. Smarts. Jefferson High. Portland State University. Undrafted. Blazer Starter.
If you get a chnace to watch a Blazer game, notice how by the second half, whoever Ime is guarding usually starts shoving him. . . guess big time scorers don't like when walk-ons get up in ther grill.

Ime's attitude has become the Blazer's attitude. When asked how the Blazers felt about Gil's prediction of 50, Jack responded "Thats like a dude saying he's going to punch you in your face."

Blazers finally got some juice agin.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Dave Miller

So what's the funnier scenario here, that Dave substituted his face for Brad Miller's in this photo or that Brad Miller looks just like TVDave?

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Super Bears Cha Cha

Friday, February 02, 2007

So Favre, So Good

Another off-topic post about football (this one's for Tom and Abe). Brett Favre announced today that he will return for another season.

As a tribute to his career, I am posting this picture that was sent to me from a Packers game this year at the Metrodome. My friend Steve snapped this picture off his TV set, and sent it with this caption: "Obscuring a Brett Favre tribute banner at the Metrodome with a well-placed water break..." Priceless!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Boston fans chanting for Kobe

I'd be sad after 13 straight losses too, but Celtics fans chanting MVP for Kobe? I would've thought Boston would give Kobe the same treatment hometown Philly gave him at the All Star game a couple years back.

Was it just those Laker lovers you see in every town...they could've realistically been the only people left in the building. Or did the press just get it wrong, thinking the love was for Kobe, when it was really Scalabrine's 17? (By the way...check out for a newsflash -- Celtics are on a roll!)

If the MVP chants were a joke from utter darkness, then I'd say that's pretty funny. At least Boston still has its sense of humor. Sorry it's come to this, C's fans.