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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Losing a family member

KG's words for Perk's departure. Rondo was speechless. Basketball is about people. Perk was people for the team in green. Now he is gone.

There is the distinct possibility that Boston will miss Perk if Shaq is hurt during the playoffs. But if Shaq is on the court, Boston is running this thing. I basically trust Danny, and he cleared those rosters spots for a reason. I expect to Leon Powe and Troy Murphy rounding out a front line anchored by KG, Baby, Daddy. Throw in Krstic for emergencies, and possibly Jermaine if fortune allows. Not bad. Boston had a serious hole at small forward, and Jeff Green is a serious answer.

But chemistry is the key, and losing people hurts. Boston looked a bit dazed against Denver. With home court advantage in the balance, I hope folks settle in as soon as possible.

p.s. Perk is a Celt for life cause that is how the Green roll. Believe that.

p.p.s. I was almost more shocked by the Erden-Harangody trade. Again, I trust Danny. Many of the players he has traded away have not played as well as I thought they would in new surroundings. That said, I think Erden can play, and Harangody ain't half bad.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bout to Get Melo in NYC

I really like this trade for the Knicks. NBA is a star's League. Sure, Melo's game has it flaws. But he is a winner. Stone-cold. In the ultra tough West, he made Denver a perennial playoff team the day he donned a uniform. How many players do that? Though he only got out of the first round once, him, Amare, an aging Billups and the bad-ass rookie Fields tell me NYC is back on the NBA map.

This was not a Hershel Walker, fleece the franchise deal. Knicks gave up only one pick. As exciting as Gallo, Chandler, Felton trio was, those guys were fitting to get crushed in the first round. Billups is better than Felton, even if just for another year, and Ray was never the long term solution. Mosgov may be a regrettable loss, but that is an unknown. Nothing is unknown about Melo. Now either Chicago or Orlando is going to have a hella fight on their hands in that 4-slot.

p.s. With Balkman in this deal, all though Isiah rumors must be true

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