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Monday, November 30, 2009

Jennings Brings College to Milwaukee

The crowd watching the hometown Bucks battle the Bulls had some serious group cheers working. Chanting opponents names, blowing on horns and clacking rattles, and raising as much noise as possible when the team is on D. Very cool.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Why's Miller glued to the pine?

I am very surprised at the limited role Brad Miller has in Chicago attack this season. Despite the huge leap forward by Noah, the Bulls are getting crushed up front. Pushed around even. It is hard to believe that Brad Miller couldn't help Chicago in that area, at the very least. Right now he playing a sorry 22 minutes per game, and posting his lowest numbers since he broke into the League.

Miller is 33. He is also a likely trade target because of his expiring contract. On the other hand, the arrival of Miller and John Salmons salvaged a Vinnie Del Negro train wreck last season. Chicago fans: Help explain this mystery.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What a pisser!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fantasy Meets Reality at Target Center

Moonball has been fun for a lot of reasons -- not just the fantasy game but this whole online trip. For a long time now we've had artwork on this site that features the moon over our little corner of the NBA. And now finally it's crossed over into reality.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have always encouraged fans to howl during free throws. But now, we get to howl at an ACTUAL orange moon that is projected over the court during player intros and throughout the game. (As the losses pile up, the howling continues and goes back and forth between an eerie, haunting sound, then to silence, then to crazed laughter sometimes. We do it all.)

As reality sours and we wait for it to turn to fine French cheese, I find myself more excited about the fantasy, and watching players from all teams succeed. It was great last night to watch Luis Scola work his magic underneath the hoop. And we look forward to getting Kevin Love back from injury, to watch some of the same strengths displayed in home white. Because, outside of a few bright spots, it's hard to cheer for what this team really stands for right now:

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3 for Week 3

Having watched Atlanta beat Portland twice and Boston once, I am sold they are now a force to contend with in the East. Al Horford and the newly focused Josh Smith are dominating opposing front lines. Zaza is even pitchin' in. Crawford and Joe Smith are perfect fits. Its Joe Johnson time.

Total changing of a guard at hand: Duncan is old. So is KG, Ray and Paul. Shaq's been old for awhile now. Iverson is toast. Age may just be catching up with the Kobster. The sun is setting on one of the NBA's most talented and controversial generations.

Greg Oden appears to have taken a huge leap forward. He had almost zero court sense last season. As a fan, I was shell shocked. And sorta pissed. But I have been very impressed with his growth. He is still rough offensively, but when he is on the court, good things happen for Portland.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Has anyone else noticed the awsome fade Grant Hill is sporting this year?

Here are some pics.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Bulls were robbed tonight.
Enjoy a little Stacy King every chance you get.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Lou Amundson is fresh

I have been digging Louis for a while now. He is pure bench guy, but he has hops, plays with reckless abandon and has damn good hands. Check him when the Suns come to your town

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Good game in Minny. Boston is rolling, but the Twolves gave them a run. Minnesota shot lights out for 3 quarters. But Boston tightened the vice on D as the game progressed, and Boston squeaked one out.

I love Ryan Gomes. Jefferson looks almost 100%. Corey Brewer may have found his grove. I hope Love gets back soon.

As for Boston, these guys are playing great ball. Marquis Daniels, Rasheed Wallace and Eddie House are a super combo off the bench.

I am loving Sheed is Boston. His D. His 3. And his aura rubs off on the team. I heard Kendrick Perkins bellowing ‘ball don’t lie’ after a missed free throw. After Sheed got T’d up from the bench, commentator Tommy Heinsohn gave an eloquent apology, citing his own penchant for getting techs as a playwer and a coach. Frankly, listening to Heinsohn getting fired up when he gets frustrated with calls as an announcer comfirms their similarity. Love it.

Another gem from the telecast: The Celtics’ sideline reporter was in the Wilves locker room prior to the game, and wanted to talk to Bill Laimbeer. When Bad Boy Bill was informed that a reporter from the Celtics broadcast team wanted to talk to him, he said “‘bleep’ Boston”. Love it.

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(a sorta) League Preview: The Contenders

What is the point of a preview once the action starts? So instead of running through the Contenders with in depth profiles, it comes down to this:

5. Cavaliers-LeBron makes them a contender. But can they guard the high pick and roll with Shaq Daddy and Big Z?

4. Spurs-Tim is older, as is Manu. But with Parker and a stacked supporting cast, San Antonio is capable of a Finals run.

3. Magic-Have that look of destiny. With additions of Carter, Anderson, Barnes, Williams and Bass, Orlando is swinging for the fences. Howard, Nelson and Van Gundy have the team clickin on all clinders.

2. Lakers-Defending Champs are potentially stronger with a healthy Bynum and defensive minded Artest. They need Gasol to to have a chance at repeating. Kobe and Odom are deadly efficient in the back end of their prime.

1. Boston Celtics-Gonna win it all. The additions of Wallace and Daniels augment a defensive attack that will make em all fall. KG, Sheed, Ray and Paul are all older. But the very brilliant Rajon Rondo and delightfully brutish Kendrick Perkins are young and ready. The Celtics have the depth to win without big minutes from the vets. Title 18 for the League's most storied franchise.

Links to the rest of the preview:

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(a sorta) League Preview: The Upsetters

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Neat Seat - Huge Feet

Watch me watch the game!