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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dunking makes me happy

Something about newly drafted players and summer league play: the hopes, the highlights, the potential. I have been happy to see all sorts of young fellas struttin their stuff: Top picks Beasley, Westbrook, Gordon, Mayo, Randolph, and Rose all seem like they can play; Rodney Stuckey leading a group of 2nd years like Thaddeus Young, Mike Conley, Brandan and Julian Wright. The promise of better days ahead.

In that spirit, me and monkeyshoes were checking out some highlights of the two new Celtic draft picks. Youtube highlight packages. All the makes and none of the misses.

But you cannot fake the funk on the monster dunk.

These two new unproven wings player both have a special knack for the cram shot. You should check these links.

I did not fully realize how muchJ.R. Giddens likes to throw it down. This clip from his senior year is a little longish, but not as longish as Giddens' extendo arms on some nasty dunks. Bill Walker is well known as a dunking maniac. Crazy style.

Who knows if either of these cats will be able to compete at the NBA level. Drafting swingmen always gets me sort of nervous. I know I would go nuts to watch either Giddens or Walker tomahawk on Elton Brand's bean. More likely they will struggle mightily to fill the limited role last year played by Tony Allen, a dunker in his own right.


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